Devotion: Working to Rest

Exodus 20:8  “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.”


In the creation story, when did God create man and woman?  Day 6.  What was the first full day of activity for man and woman?  Day 7.  But what did they do that day; it was a day of rest.  In the Ten Commandments we are told that this day is a holy day where we should turn our attention to God and not work.  So the first full day for humankind was a day of rest, and connection with God.  How much of our daily lives do we live in that rhythm?

Don’t we view rest as the reward after days, weeks, months, years of hard labor.  Rest becomes this illusive prize that we really never can attain because we are always on the next project, task, or tweet.  We think we have to earn the right to rest.  We have to work a year to earn the vacation days; we have to put in 40 years of labor to earn retirement.  We have to clock a full day to earn a night of vegging-out in front of the television.

Yet the creation story tells us the exact opposite.  Rest is not the reward to hard work, rest is the catalyst that allows us to work hard.  Prioritizing rest, and the connection with God afforded by rest, allows us to then fulfill God’s command for our life.  Are you well rested?  When was the last time your prioritized rest?  When have you recharged and reconnected with God first in a day or a week rather than waiting until the end of the day to squeeze Him in?  If you are well rested, what is God calling you to go do?

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