SCCPP: So It Begins

Right now there are way too many new acronym’s in my life: ECO, MNA, CPN, MAT, GAP…so I figured I would make up another unsexy one SCCPP

South Charlotte Church Plant Project
Don’t worry it won’t last…but as Lindsay and I begin this adventure, I wanted to start blogging our thoughts and reflections.  So the Label will be listed as “SCCPP” for now, and the first three blogs (don’t all church things have to come in 3s?) will focus on:

Blog 2:  The Vehicle
Blog 3:  The Field
I’d invite you to follow along our journey by keeping up with us through this blog.  You can also reach me via wbbarry at mac dot com.  As you click throygh this site, you will discover that the logos in the upper left will get you connected to me through a variety of social media options.
Things will unfold quickly over this summer and fall as I hope to redesign this website, setup a prayer email list, gather financial supporters, host vision dinners, and gather a community this fall to pray over what God desires in South Charlotte.
Stay tuned…and pray.

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