Devotion::Remembering the Right Story

“But Omri did evil in the eyes of the Lord and sinned more than all those before him.”  1 Kings 16:25.

Omri gets a sum total of 8 verses to his name, and the above verse is smack in the middle of it.  Interestingly, Omri is well recorded by non-Biblical historians.  He is considered one of the most powerful Kings in all of Israel’s history.  So much so that some ancient historians renamed Israel “Omriland.”  The Bible, however, sticks him into a long list of kings, ignoring his “successful” reign.
Scripture is more interested in telling his spiritual story than his success story.
Likewise, God is more interested in our spiritual stories than our success rates. Earlier Scripture tells us that “The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” However, most of us spend days, years, lifetimes trying to gain the approval of others.  
When things are all said and done, the Lord is not going to look at our professional resumes, but if Christ reigned in our hearts.  We may build up warehouses full of trophies and medals, but those will all end up rusting in the ground.
Which story do you want to be remembered for?  Is your heart being transformed daily by the story of Jesus that frees us from our performance anxiety?  Are you wanting to be successful by worldly standards or godly?  What does spiritual success look like?

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