3 thoughts on “Thoughts On Luke

  1. #Luke1

    -What would it look like to read the book like Theophilus would have?…(v 4) “for the assurance of the things I have been taught.” Instead of reading it skeptically, reading it excitedly. How excited he must’ve been to get Luke’s book for him personally. Do I read it with the same sort of interest and intensity?

    -reading this text in non Christmas I was caught by the surprise God causes. How much He catches people off guard…including old married couples.

  2. #Luke2

    -The image of a shepherd watching over his flock at night. Reminds me of the comment from college that “nothing good happens after 1am” As pastors are “shepherds”–are we watching over our flocks at night?

  3. #Luke3
    -The people were looking for John to tell them how precisely to live (v. 10, 12, 14). Moral living is possible apart from Jesus. We want a “Messiah” who will tell us “what should we do?”–Jesus shows up though and tells us something we didn’t realize that is more important…we are loved by God no matter what we do.

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