it is weird that we have come to such a globalized world yet we are even further apart from each other. I prefer the self checkout lane, I walk/run with an ipod, I watch a lot of television and I prefer to communicate via email-or a blog. I can google anyone in the world and find some sort of information on them; I can do a stat-check on this blog and see who has googled me.

I came across the email of an old mentor, but I am afraid to contact him, to encourage him, to gain his wisdom, to allow him to challenge me. He helped propel me to seminary, and even while I sit in the classroom I can hear his voice whispering in the background…”are they preparing me to be a minister here?” “Am I losing touch with normal people?” “Is creativity being lost at the expense of conformity?” Now that I am here, I need to know more about his perspective on preaching, on practical ministry to “normal people,” and appriopriate discernment about tradition but I’d perfer to avoid it. So even while his impact on my ministry has been tremendous, I fear a conversation with him…I fear bothering him; I fear confrontation; I fear being forgotten.

I prefer to avoid these fears and ergo miss the connection and community.

If I contact him perhaps he will further change my perspective…and I am not ready for that.

I prefer hiding behind the ipod.

I prefer posting a blog (passive) than writing an email (semi-active).

And that is why I remain hidden.

One thought on “hidden

  1. I was just thinking the same thing about some of my former mentors. There is one in particular that I feel may call me out as being infected by ‘liberal’ PTS. The conversations are necessary though because we will be having conversations with real (and normal) people for the rest of our lives. I still haven’t seen a church exist solely via a blog yet… 🙂Another Dunkin Donuts run could give us a warm-up before we contact our old mentors.

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