the art of preaching

In a quest to better understand the art of preaching I emailed and spoke with some of the pastors I have been fortunate to work with…So far the two responses i have gotten back have been opposite, but enlightening. Both are from PC(USA) pastors, they have different styles of preaching but I learned, was challenged and grew from hearing their variety of preaching.

  • “How do you worship while leading worship?”

    • It is like learning to drive a car, at first your mind is very aware of all the things that are going on around you-did the ushers pass the plates? Who is supposed to read the scripture? etc.-but as you progress those things become more periphary. And like driving a car, you are aware that those things/details are there but it becomes more fluid allowing you to be involved in worship.

  • “How did you discover your ‘style’ of preaching?”

    • I’m still trying to discover how to preach. I’ve never gotten comfortable, am always nervous and feel like I’ve absolutley blown it afterwards. I’m beginning to get used to the idea that this preaching thing is larger than I am and I’m not really ever going to master it, in fact, it will master me….then perhaps the Lord can speak. But, it is a week by week learning experience.
      Recently, with a new secretary, and a bunch of extra administrative stuff, I’m struggling to carve out from amidst the screaming urgencies the time to prepare both mind and heart. Speaking of that, I’ve got to go do some preparing right now! Take care and hope all will continue to go well.

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