3 thoughts on “the playoffs

  1. Wes – You can only dream that the anemic Panthers’ offense can put up 21 on the Bears. Given recent playoff results (that is, home teams win, teams with the bye win), I think it’s time to say goodbye to the underachieving Panthers and hello to the amazing Bears defense.My prediction: Bears 12, Pathers 7.Bear down, Chicago Bears.Troy

  2. Anemic Offense? You got those backwards: Bears average 16 points a game, and that is with a quarterback who started 15 games. Through in Grossman who has not seen a good defense all season and never played in the playoffs means that the Panther Defense (ranked 3rd) will have a much easier time.Steve Smith’s 169 yards last meeting won’t be as high, but he will get into the endzone once, and now that Delhomme has a second receiver (Drew Carter) he won’t through the costly interception that cost the Panthers the first meeting.Bears are averaging 16 points a game, and they will be facing a Defense as tough as their own.

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