pressing on

As I prepare for my second Marathon (Philadelphia on November 19th), I have come across a few resources, training aids and even sermons that have given me the motivation to be out there running in the oppressive summer heat. Last week, it felt like August in south Georgia as the heat index pushed past 100 degrees.
And as some of you know, I am one who sweats (understatement of the year):


  • Cool Running: This site, passed on from a friend, lets you keep track of your running logs online. It saves your favorite runs in one click you can add the mileage. It keeps track of which shoes you ran in and when it is time to replace them.
  • Map My Run: This site is awesome. It gives you a hybrid google map that will let you measure point by point a running route. It will also save your favorite loops and post them for others to enjoy. It sounds like they are developing a Training function which will keep your log as well.
    An RSS feed of my saved routes can be bookmarked here, while viewed here.
  • Princeton Seminary Running Group: Yahoo Group of the PTS Running folks who have, or are, or one day might be interested in running 26.2 miles (on purpose).
  • Runner’s World: This not only has the articles from the magazine, but also calculating tools and training charts.
  • As for the sermons:
    Today at PAC the sermon was based around Philippians 3:12-16; Pressing onward. Not focusing on the achievements of the past, but pressing forward. This reminded me of my race in Chicago, where I discovered the power of pushing beyond limits, walls and known expectations.
    Also I listened to Mosaic while running today about 1 Corinthians 9:23-25‘s running the race. His message was focused upon the value and necessity of practice. That while competition is great, it requires strict discipline and practice.

    With these words, so I begin the training for my second marathon.

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