Another day, another dollar

I knew one day it would come to this. And after lugging the third large bin of books from storage into our new apartment, I have decided to succumb to the pressures. As my mother would have me do, I have emptied my bookshelves and made three piles:
For a future office,

For those who have not been privy to my “problem.” I hoard books. I hold onto books which I never intend to re-read (if read in the first place). But most disturbingly, I catalogue all of my books, have them stamped and indexed.

Therefore, I am not asking much with regards to price, but more the assistance to rid myself of this problem.

Happy bidding…
Here is the listing on

PS>>as expected 99.9% of these are either seminary texts or undergrad texts (I was a religion major so the overlap is much)…and more will come when I break into the third and final bin next week.

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