Whose having the…

Yeah, I know, very sacrilegious, but I’ve been thinking (groan…here we go):

It is amazing how much media play Jesus has been getting over the past couple of weeks. Is it because I am about to become a professional religious guy, or does Jesus seem to be superseding Brittany Spears in television appearances?

You had the highest rated Discovery Channel Show with the Tomb of Jesus, CNN has just spent a full week tracing the steps of Jesus during the Passion Week, and even 920AM, the local sportsradio, was making comments about Holy Week

In so doing have we domesticated Jesus into our Buddy (thanks Dogma for the image)? Worship this morning the sermon focused around the Tomb of Jesus claim and sought to prove why Jesus’ bones were not really found. Isn’t this process merely allowing the media and cultural perspectives to drive the church instead of vice-versa?

One thought on “Whose having the…

  1. 2 different thoughts:1) The fact that we’re talking about Jesus on TV, in movies, on radio & in print is great. There is no such thing as bad publicity, right? Well, as long as it’s not coming from the church. When the church itself is off base in what it’s saying about Jesus, that’s a serious matter, which leads me to…2) When we allow the culture to dictate what we preach, we’re off base. A 6 week sermon series on why the Davinci Code is wrong or why Jesus’ bones weren’t discovered is simply silly. Engage the culture, but do not be ruled by it. We have a message to preach, lets not sell it out by preaching on silliness.

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