how did you spend your evening?

Me…I went to Pep Boys to get a tire changed (stupid curb jumped out at me…I did change the original tire in 6 minutes flat…but that is another story):

  • 5:45pm Drop off the car and walk home, told it would take an hour and half.
  • 7:00pm Told tire is done (wow, I think they have never done anything ahead of schedule).
  • 7:20pm Walk over, see my car outside, and I notice that the flat tire is in the back, and no new tire on the front right.
  • 7:21pm “What the…?” I mumble to myself.
  • 7:22pm Enter and tell Denise, “hey did you guys not change the tire?”
  • 7:30pm After a few minutes, we discover that the service guy had changed the front right tire (which was a full size spare), moved the new tire to back right, tossing the perfectly good spare tire. Not realizing there was a flat tire with a huge sidewall gash in the wayback of the wagon.
  • 7:31pm Denise says, “it should take a half hour.”
  • 8:15pm I am called back into the bays to get yelled at by Service Guy, “You should have told Denise…or at least been more clear. All this means is more work for us.” I stand there dumb founded, I thought he was yelling at his coworker. Then Denise slaps me on the back saying, “oh its alright he didn’t know.”
  • 8:17pm I just realized what happened…the dude thought it was my fault. I figured when I signed in and said “there is a full spare on the front right, and the flat is in the trunk” would have been enough…
  • 8:18-8:54pm return to browsing every random car part in the world, though there were no Mighty Autoparts.
  • 8:55pm Announcement, Pep Boys will be closing.
  • 9:00pm Pep Boys closed
  • 9:10pm Service guy swings my car around to the side, as I hop in I say, “Thanks for working late, I appreciate it.”
  • 9:11pm Service guy turns around and apologizes for yelling at me. Few quick “don’t sweat it” guy grunts.

    But the worst part of this story…they had American Idol blaring in the shop so the cashier and store manager could come watch every minute of it. I hate that stinking show.

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