Scars and Stories

One of the best scenes of any movie was in Jaws when the men sat around telling how they got their scars. I was thinking (here we go again) the other day about how this surgery is going to leave a nasty scar on my back. That got me to scour my body thinking about the other stories behind my other scars…here are a few…

  • My head: I was 6 years old jumping on my parents brass bed. Naturally, I slipped and smacked my head on it. Leaving a nice scar right at my receding hairline. Of course, my hallmates at Davidson believed that I had a metal plate put in my head…not sure if that says something about me or them.
  • Above my upper lip: got into a fight in 4th grade over who could sit by this girl (forgot her name). Michael H. (remember his name) cut me with a compass; the one’s used for making circles.
  • The back of my hand: First game of my senior year in high school. My buddy Drew was pumped up for the game, and smacked the door I was holding up. I played the entire game–grunt, grunt. Went to the ER were they reopened the wound, and you could see the bone it was so deep; got 5 stitches–grunt, grunt.
  • Under my chin: Tried to drive the paint on my same buddy Drew (6’6, 280lbs). Flagrant foul! having me hit my temple, cheek and then chin on the court. Got up and tried to finish the game as the blood cogaluated in my gottee–grunt, grunt.

    And now, a 6 inch cut from…hmm…I guess laying out by the pool too much as a kid–whimper, whimper.
    If you want to see the cut click here (not for children)

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