Indecent Biblical Exposure

For those who don’t frequent the Relevant Magazine site, I found this article rather interesting:

Residents in Hong Kong have formally complained to officials about content in the Bible and called for it to reclassified as “indecent.” The complaints came after a column in a university student journal discussed some the Bible’s sexual and violent content. If the government does deem the Bible indecent, only people over the age of 18 could purchase it, and it would be sealed with a wrapper and a warning.

Though, I agree that the “indecent” stories the Bible tells, about rape, murder, violence, etc. do not condone these behaviors but rather reveal the reality of our human condition.
But, what if people were to start looking at the stories of the Bible less like a happy fairy tale that tells us how to live good, happy and prosperous lives, and start seeing the raw human emotion and experience it expresses. There is something about the Bible that is replusive, in the sense that it awakens us to our human condition and shows us to be the indecent ones–kinda of like Neo in The Matrix taking the red pill (or was it the blue one-I forget).
Not to mention shelving the Bible next to beer, cigarettes, porn and handguns may make teenagers feel more “rebellious” when they pick up the “Good Book.”

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