Krispi Kreme

Last Friday (June 1st) was free Donut Day at Krispy Kreme.
Click here to where you could have gone to get a free Krispi Kreme. As if you need another reason to hate NJ, check out the storelocator map…KK in Newfoundland but not NJ, WTH?)

In honor of this day, I thought I would regale you all with one of my favorite college events.
Our semi-annual “Fat Night”

This involved a drive down to BW3 Buffalo Wing joint in Charlotte. Where 6 of us would order 240 wings. On a particular night, I was bothered by my buddy Evan eating more buffalo wings then I–I believe he outpaced my 40 but downing nearly 60 wings.
However, fat night not only involved Buffalo Wings, but also Krispi Kreme. Disgraced by my weak preformance earlier in the evening, I managed to rebound and eat one dozen hot glazed donuts by myself.
Before the sugar convulsions began, all I remember is having to constantly chew the final donut my body was refusing to digest that much KK. But alas, I made it…needless to say, that many wings and that many donuts make for a long day(s) of recovery.

One thought on “Krispi Kreme

  1. ha. i remember that night. i was never a contender (stupid diabetes), but it was fun to watch you struggle. but who’s running the marathons now?

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