5 years ago

at this hour, Lindsay and I were married.
It has been a tremendously exciting adventure these past five years as we have gotten to see each other mature, grow and settle-into adult life. That was the blessing we experienced getting married “young” (by compairitable standards), as we tried to figure out ourselves we had and have each other to lean upon.
Now as we begin the lifestage of parenting and career’s it will be exciting to see where God continues to leads us.

The eerie piece is that the office in which we received our premarital counseling five years ago is now the same office I work in. I now sit on the other side of the desk, and can look back on those times and realize how much God has guided us through.

So what is the 5 year gift anyway? Wood, glass, kitchen rennovation or maybe a new airconditioning unit…ah the joys of adulthood.

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