Busy Days

Today is the first month I have been at the church, and I have realized an important thing. It is easy to get wrapped up in visioning and theorizing. It is easy to stay on the phone, answering emails and staying “busy.” But in doing so we lose sight of the call God has placed on our lives.
I have been reading Me, Myself, and Bob, an interesting memoir/leadership/inspiritational book by VeggieTales creator Phil Vasser whose company went from nothing to a huge success to bankrupcy in 10 years.
In the final chapter he wrote these words that convicted me as I begin my ministry:

So why do I believe a thousand kids walking with God will have more impact on the world than one kid making a hit a moive? Because the world learns about God not by watching Christian movies, but by watching Christians. We are God’s representatives on earth–his “royal priesthood.” We are his hands and feet. What I put in my movies is more or less irrelevant if it isn’t coming out in my life. I realized I had become so busy trying to ‘save the world’ with my visionary ministry that I was often too stressed and preoccupied to make eye contact with the girl bagging my groceries at the supermarkt. And where does Christianity actually happen? Where does the ‘rubber meet the road,’ as it were? Up on the big screen in a movie theater? On TV? No. Across the checkout line at the grocery store, between me and a girl who makes a fraction of what I make and assumes I don’t give a rip about her life. That’s where it matters. And that’s where, I realized, I was blowing it every day.

One thought on “Busy Days

  1. great reminder wes. i have definitely experienced the tendency toward being “busy” as opposed to being available. i am really struggling with managing my energy with these areas. much more to learn…

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