Devotional: An Offseason

As Davidson amazed and impressed the country with the run in the NCAA, Lindsay and I were reflecting on the impact sports can have on us. While watching the game, we noticed that we were edgy, nervous and consumed by the game. But when the buzzer rang and the season ended, we sat at the dining room table and realized how fun the run had been, but also how fleeting that experience was.

While the newspaper headlines were filled with Davidson stories all last week, this week our city has “moved on.” Sports, along with a host of other activities, can provide us a sense of escape from the day-to-day doldrums, and it can provide a common purpose for a community-to cheer for “my” team. Both of which are necessary and important because they give us a sense of connection and acknowledge that life is bigger than just ourselves. I think, however, we also know that this is not sustainable because eventually an off-season appears; eventually the buzzer sounds.

So when the cheers fade, the banners and jersey get stored back into the closet, the headlines return to discussions of politics and war, what do we do now?

The challenge for us as followers of Christ is discover how our faith can be not just another aspect of who are during a particular season, such as Christmas and Easter or Sunday mornings, but rather allowing it to be central to who we are at all times. Paul encourages his friend Timothy, and us, to be prepared to demonstrate our faith in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2).

Therefore, how are we challenged to “come and follow Him” in season and out of season? Do we see our faith as an opportunity to actively engage the world rather than escape from it? What are some ways we can demonstrate that our faith is a priority in our life?

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