Charlotte Half-Marathon Racefest 2008

Life has come full circle. My first ever road race was the 2000 Charlotte Half-Marathon, so when we returned this past fall I was excited to learn that they had continued this race, and even moved it closer to our neighborhood. The start line was about a mile and half up the road from us.

So myself and a friend from church decided to run the race. The weather was ideal 60 and misty all race long. The route was not ideal. Charlotte is surprising with the number of hills it hides in the tree lined streets. Mile 7, 9 and 12 all had ridiculous hills to climb.

All in all, I survived the run and put in a good time.
For me, I was wanting to gauge my overall fitness level because I did zero official training for this race and ran only one long run–last weekend.

The greatest moment of the race was running by the church friend’s home at mile 12 and seeing Ellie and Lindsay standing in the front yard. As I approached Ellie–sweaty and tired–she looked confused, but as I ran past she waved and said “bye-bye.” Chatting with another runner, that is a huge shot of adreline near the end of a race. It awesome having a family that supports and cheers for my silly little adventures like they do.

Next adventure: a Triathlon in May.

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