Let everyone be quick to hear, Slow to speak, and slow to anger.         ~James 1:19


A wise person will hear and increase in learning, a man of understanding will acquire wise council.          ~Proverbs 1:5


Do you know what I hate…I hate those icebreaker games like when you have to go around the room giving your name and a fruit that begins with the second letter of your middle name.  “Hi I am Wes Barry, Apricot.”  I find myself worrying more about what funny fruit I can come up with than actually listening to other people’s names.  With Twitter, Facebook, and blogs it appears as though most of us are more interested in speaking than listening.

However, listening is an important spiritual discipline.

Margaret Feinberg describes this listening as hearing the sacred echo.  That God’s promises reverberate back to us.  “While a single whisper usually leaves me unsure, the repetitive nature of a sacred echo gives me confidence that God really is prompting, guiding, or leading…the sacred echo challenges me to prayerfully consider how God is at work in my own life as well as the lives of those around me.”

God is moving and speaking in your life.  His promises are echoing throughout the day, longing to penetrate our ears and hearts.  Yet if we are more concerned about being heard then we may drown out these echoes.

What are some ways you can hear the sacred echo in your life?  What is drowning out the voice of God for you now?

Take a moment and prayerfully consider how God is at work in your life.




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First Presbyterian Church

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Charlotte, NC 28202

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