Thou Shalt Not…

For the past 31 days, I have given up talking, texting, typing while driving.  Big woop, I understand.  But I figured I would ease into these “Thou Shalt Not…”  Three reflections I had on this

1)       I tended to make many of my personal phone calls on the commute home.  This would also give my wife a 30 minute heads-up that I was heading her way.

2)       Only two or three times would I have used the phone for driving directions during this month.  Instead of rushing to an appointment, while staring the tiny screen, I actually got directions before I left (remember that?). 

3)       Whenever I arrived at a stoplight, I would at first instinctively grab for my phone to check for email or some other bit of information.  I actually found that I would grab a book or magazine in the passenger seat (just as dangerous).  What this revealed is that the intrusion of mobile devices into our lives has left us—or at least me—impatient.  If you are not “reading” or “doing something productive” for the 30 seconds at a stop light, you are in a way missing out.  This was the most revealing part of the month.



Thou Shalt Not, February edition…use the internet.

            So you laughed at the apparent ease of no texting/phoning, this one will probably prove to be more problematic.  I have given myself some wiggle room.  1)  emailing will remain and 2) work necessities will be accomplished.  I do imagine that this means much of my sermon prep and research will happen in real books, that my Facebook page will be quiet for a month (I know what you all are thinking…thank goodness), and I will probably have Lindsay “do you mind checking on that for me…”


Wish me luck, and you on the otherside of February.




PS-yes I did choose the shortest month of the year for this challenge.



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