Article: Reforming or Reverting?

Reforming or Reverting?

The god of the innovative is hard to resist. While this issue of Reformed Worship encourages us all to pay attention to how multiple intelligences and multiple learning styles inform worship planning, we need to do so with thought and discernment. This article causes us to pause and to take the time to think about what we do in our worship. Nothing is value-neutral.
One Sunday I worshiped at a large Reformed megachurch in town. Even though there was no altar, and the preacher certainly did not speak Latin, it felt as if I had returned to a time before the Reformation.
Perhaps it is hard to understand how a service that incorporates jumbo-size screens, electric guitars, and a fog machine might be similar to a service in the fifteenth century. But some of the same impulses and philosophies that so concerned the Reformers were being incorporated into the megachurch service…
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