Devotion: Involved with God

James 1:21b

“Humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.”

We started a new series at Wednesday Worship about the Letter of James, this verse in particular spoke to me because of its gardening and planting imagery. James, as the brother to Jesus, is probably recalling his brothers famous parable about the scattering of seed, and that it is in the good soil that God's Word grows best.

Like a good gardner it takes work–dirt under our nails type of work–for our faith to grow. When we realize that following Jesus means we actually have to get involved with God, many of us shrink from that level of responsibility. As Eugene Peterson writes, “Not everyone who gets interested in the Bible and even gets excited about the Bible wants to get involved with God.”. What would it mean to get involved with God?

Reread the James verse–what spiritual discipline are you fighting the most that God may actually be wanting you to humbly accept because it will help save you? Coming to worship? Joining a bible study? Tithing? Morning devotions?

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