Why I took off my LiveSTRONG bracelet today

It has little to do with the fact Lance used EPOs, etc. (I have figured that for years).
It is the level to which he took his deceit and the stories that are emerging of young cyclists whose only chances to ride would be by doping and lying. Folks like Michael Barry, Hamilton, Landis, Leiphemer, etc.


In fact the most upsetting is that Hincapie is now revealed to be part of this doping. As a domestique, a rider who does not contend for himself, but races to support the big star, by their very role shows a humility, drive and passion for the broader good. Yet Lance’s ego has been able to tarnish even that. 

I truly did not consider Lance’s cheating a major concern when the light was focused on him. But as more comes to light out of the shadows and how he lived “strong” by not only capitalizing on his own doping but promoting (if not forcing) other teammates to follow suit reveals to me a heretical form of LiveSTRONG.
A mantra that once inspired to push oneself mentally and physically over all obstacles, has been revealed to be method of self-promotion and preservation by capitalizing on others.
(and cannibalizing an entire sport).
“The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

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