Devotion: A pathway

> Jeremiah 6:16


> Over Thanksgiving, I took my daughter on my favorite hike up Rock Mountain in Cashiers, NC. Since I was her age, I have hiked this mountain hundreds of times. A few years ago, due the expanding encroachment of new developments, they rerouted the trail further down the side of the mountain. On the way down the mountain, I took Ellie down the old trail. By now the blazes had been worn down, and the fall leaves made it particularly tricky to stay on the path. At one point we went to explore the new development and on the way back missed a turn. This forced us to cut through a brier patch to get back onto the trail.

> As a metaphor for our Christian faith, I believe there is much we can learn from that experience.

> As the culture began to creep into the way of the path, it causes us to consider how our faith life my lead us to head in another direction. However, we felt compelled to go and investigate. So by exploring those new buildings it caused us to stray from the designed way and return through a brier patch which left us with many cuts and bruises. But, had my daughter not been with me, one who had traveled is path many times before, she would have been even more lost.

> Our faith leads us in ways that are different from the world around us, however to navigate that path it requires that it be communal to be lived with one another.

> What crossroads are you standing at today? Which is the “good way”? And what is preventing you from walking in it?

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