Q and Pax: Agony

The workout–
Trial run up Rock Mountain trail at Sunset
At top:
SSH x birth age (33)
Burpees x faith age (17)
Mericans x years married to an amazing M. (10)
Meg Ryans x each 2.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3
Trail run home in the darkness

-I have run that trial many times, and began hiking it at age six. Though I know each turn, each switchback, each slippery rock, every time I crest the summit, God reminds me of something new. Sitting and watching the sunset, I felt compelled to count off the major blessings He has given me as the sun poured over the top of the horizon.

-I have bought into this F3 logic fully as I see how these three things are critical in my life. Thanks to the men who had been working on me to get involved with the f3nation, these last 6 weeks have been life affirming. Though I scoffed at first as I ran and cycled alone in the gloom wondering just who the hell these guys at freedom park were. I have come to discover that they, like me, are men just working our tails off trying to be men to our families, our spouses, our kids, our callings and our God.

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