Devotion: Use Them

Romans 12:6 “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…”


Have you seen that commercial where they use the iPad to record a song through garageband?  Apple makes it look so easy to produce our own music, but I wonder how many of us use our iDevices for creative purposes.  If you’re like me, you probably use it mainly for consumption rather than creative production.


Isn’t the same true for our lives in general?  We are more likely to watch a sports game on TV than go participate in one.  We are more likely to watch a cook at Salsarita’s mare our burrito than us cook our own.  We are more likely to read a book than write one; look at a painting than paint.  We have allowed a consumption mindset squander and devour our God given gifts.


Do we allow this consumption compulsion to creep into our spiritual lives too?

We’d rather hear about some Bible ideas than read it ourselves.  We’d rather have someone else recite a formulaic prayer than pray ourselves.  We would rather go to a church (campus) than be the church where we are.


What gifts has God given you?  What prevents you from using them?  Who is someone you could share your gift with for their betterment?

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