50×52: The Starfish and The Spider

This is technically a reread, having read this back in 2009, it was a refreshing review. Especially in light of the rapid technological advancements of twitter. The basic premise of the book is decentralization is the unstoppable force in (post)modernity: It spreads out ownership, and allows for participation.
The starfish leadership principles are core to F3Nation.com, Napster, eMule, eBay, Craigslist, etc. but I would argue that this is nothing new as we see it at play in the Bible as Jesus is the ultimate catalyst (read the book to understand that connection), the essential need for core ideologies–Biblical principles–and the mission of Jesus to be the decentralization of the Judaic/Temple stronghold. The reformation then becomes another starfish movement that revolutionizes the catholic church. And finally the original American experiment of democracy is a governmental example. Unfortunately our original sin (Adam’s attempt to centralize power by eating the apple) causes the natural tendency of humans to centralize and institutionalize everything…even Christ’s body–the church.

Definitely a great leadership book for those inside and outside the church.

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