Doing what I love

Now this is a solid day…doing what God designed me to do

4:30am::Wake up
5:30am::Workout with some solid guys of F3, running, bear crawling, backwards bear crawling all while griping but deep down knowing we all want to be out there getting stronger, faster, better.
6:30am::Bible study with some solid guys of F3, sharpening my faith as we dug into one of my favorite scriptures of Luke 5.
8:30am::Driving my boys to their school
10:30am::Having a Birthday lunch with Ellie, and her friends at school with Linz. Great fun to see her with friends, and the joy she got in giving out donut holes to her classmates.
12:00pm::The pure privilege of preaching God’s Word.
3:00pm::standing out at the bus stop with a party hat to pick Ellie up. Of course as a kindergartener she thought it was funny. By next year she will quickly learn to be embarrassed by me.
4:00pm::Watching the boys helping her open all her birthday presents.
5:30pm::Birthday dinner at iHOP
7:00pm::tucking the kids into bed
9:00pm::prepping to fly and see my closest friends from seminary (landing at midnight)

God is good, and is was a total wheelhouse day of fitness, faith, and family.

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