Quote::Working for God?

I forgot where I Got this, but it’s good:

How do you know when you are working for God? 

  • You get tired
  • You burn out
  • Or the opposite…you become very successful and start taking pride in your success.
  • You begin doing what works over and over again, because you have found a formula that works regardless.

That is what the Bible calls “walking in the flesh.” In spite of how good it looks, the work will burn up in the end like a pile of wood.

So how do you know if you are dealing in the success of God’s power?

  • You are at risk
  • You are way over your head
  • You are not completely sure what you are doing
  • You are acutely aware of your own weaknesses
  • You have ventured into a place where if God doesn’t show up, you are a dead duck.
Believe it or not, this is what the Bible calls “walking in the spirit.”

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