Bible Reading Plans

During my final semester of seminary at a promenient pastor producing school a professor sat with 25 future graduates and pastors. He asked us, “how many of you all have read the Bible cover to cover.” Almost embarrassedly 3 of us raised our hands. It struck me that day how ill equipped many of us are. That class fell in line with the general public of 10% having read the entire Bible.

Reformers died to give us personal access to the Bible. And we are privileged to be in a time period and culture where we can read and reflect on God’s story for us. Don’t squander that.

There are a ton of guides out there, but I thought I would link to some I have used in the past. 

Chronological Bible Guide: This is one of my favorites because rather than going cover to cover, they have listed these in somewhat Chronological order so that you can better see how the Story overlaps.

Straight Through: This plan will get you cover to cover in 365 days. For the more traditionalists.

52 Week Plan: Reading different styles of writings each day of the week; this will get you to the finish line, but taking you zig-zagging there.

5x5x5 Plan: This plan will take you through the entire New Testament with reading 5 minutes, 5 days a week. It also provides some structure and reflections for FNGs or folks who want something more manageable in a year.

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