It was a rough weekend:

On the way out of church, a buddy of mine hollered over his shoulder, “That was an alright sermon today, you got most of it right.”  As he tried to continue on to the car, I halted him and asked, “what do you mean?”  His reply…”well you got 8 of the 9 fruit of the Spirit right, but you kept forgetting ‘Faithfulness.’ I didn’t want to call you out in the middle of the sermon, but thought you should know.”

Then another friend said later that day, “you know, for the most part I like the images you put up during the message, but this week’s sorta sucked.”

And finally, after a pitiful performance at the Muthaship workout on Monday, a buddy said, “Wow, Agony, you were off your game today—usually you’re a lot stronger than that.”

I will be honest…they were all right.  All three of the issues were because of poor preparation and pride on my part.  However, it helped me come to realize I appreciate the power of #TruthSayers in my life.

READ Full Reflection HERE

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