Into the Fray: Williams’ death

So I have been surprised by the amount of stories, news and blogs about Robin Williams’ death. (Yes, the irony of that opening line drips off my keyboard). I don’t want to belabor or speculate or really even comment regarding his personal struggle, but just point to an interesting thought bouncing in my head.

I think what strikes a cord with his death is how many people used his humor as a coping mechanism for their own sadness. I think the idea of a comedian–as gifted as him–struggling with severe depression startles us because we assume that humor, laughter and lightheartedness can alleviate the soul.

The deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Kurt Cobain, Hemingway and such seem to make sense due to their deep brooding souls. Comedians, however, seem to mask the pain.

Yet when we start to dip below the surface of all of our lives we discover the painful reality of #Sadclowns and Robin Williams now tragically reveals that concept in its fullness.

My point in this post. Don’t be surprised by what lurks in the darkness of your soul or another. And you don’t have to navigate the darkness alone.

May we lock shields and…

Once more into the fray
The last good fight I’ll ever know
Live and die this day
Live and die this day

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Barnabas Center
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2 thoughts on “Into the Fray: Williams’ death

  1. but so many times we DO have to walk alone . . . and NO ONE understands unless they, themselves, have face the horrors of depression . . . need your prayers — for me, and for my daughter today — both of us have suffered/are suffering from depression . . . thanks . . . i admire you for what you are doing with starting a church . .. i first learned of you while recording every sunday the church service at first presbyterian . . . i also work at a church . .. it’s hard work . . . prayers for your family — and your efforts to reach others for Christ . . .

  2. Larainne: Thank you for your openness on here…And know that you and your daughter have been prayed over today, and will be lifted up again and again.

    One of the most beautiful explanations I have ever heard of the church is that it is a community of people who will hold onto our faith for us when we no longer can. It is an honor to get to stand on behalf of folks, as their pastor, to desperately clutch their hand, and grasp for God’s strong arm; and to be cared for when my grip slips.

    You may walk alone into those dark nights, but I pray somewhere in that darkness God’s promise of Jesus to be God-With-Us makes itself known to you.

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