Supporting a missionary…my mom

For years…35 years in fact my parents have stepped up and supported me and my ridiculous events and fundraising efforts. I have never received an appeal from my mother before, but can tell you how deep her passion goes for the country of Haiti. She humbly downplays the role and impact she has had…and the fact that she was there when the earthquake struck reminds me how God has intertwined her life with this island.

So, please read below her passion for making a difference in these families lives.

Dear All,
You all know my long involvement and passion for Haiti. And I am asking you to join me in feeding 1700 elementary-age children a nutritious lunch each school day – possibly the only meal they will receive that day.

I have been traveling to the island of La Gonave for 19 years and I would like to introduce you to some of my “kids.” Please take 2 minutes and visit You will get to visit one of my favorite schools and you will read about the efforts being made to feed these children a school lunch each day from September to June.

I read recently that the average family spent $50 in 2012 for their Thanksgiving dinner. I am asking you to donate just half of that ($25 dollars) to provide 100 lunches at 25 cents per child. If my math is correct (always questionable) that means a student will receive lunches for the next 20 weeks – that’s almost the rest of the school year!!

I hope that you will click on the website, meet some of my friends, and then share this request with your friends. If we all join together, many families in Haiti will be thankful. The need is urgent and time is critical. We must raise the funding by December 10th. Please join me today!!
Much love and hugs,

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