Devotion: When Worlds Collide

“When Micah returned the 1,100 shekels of silver to his mother, she said, ‘I solemnly consecrate my silver to the Lord for my son to make a carved image and cast an idol.”

Judges 17:3

I bet you blinked when you read that passage for yourself.  I did.  Then I started to think about what was being implied in this sentence.

Micah’s mother had taken her silver and sought to both give it to God and to make new smaller gods from it.  She was tailoring her faith commitments to cover all her bases.  Tim Keller describes it this way,

The greatest danger, because it is such a subtle temptation which enables us to continue as church members and feel that nothing is wrong, is not that we become atheists, but that we ask God to co-exist with idols in our heart.

This is what Micah’s mother wanted…she wanted the Lord, her son, these carved images, idols and silver all to co-exist.  She wants all these little gods that she can compartmentalize into different sectors of her life.

In our society we are encouraged to compartmentalize our life.  photoWe have all these different spheres and take on different personalities depending on which sphere we are in.  At work we seek one thing, at home another.  We are told not to mix faith and politics, or our personal and work lives.  What we do on the weekend should not influence our weekdays.  And no one should challenge how we spend Friday night (and have to recover on Saturday morning) because “Life is Short.”  We work hard so we can play hard.  When confronted, our MTV mantra is “You don’t know me” but that’s because we don’t who we are.

We take on different priorities and personalities whether we are navigating our friends, our family, our faith, our work environments, the sports field, our leisure activities, or our independent lives…

As George Costanza wonderfully describes–the challenge is when these worlds collide:

When this worlds collide there is collateral damage because there are different idols within these different spheres.  We have crafted these little gods we serve and desire in each sphere, for example

Work: Money, power, success
Hobbies: recognition, awards
Family: love, security, children
Friends: respect, approval
Education: knowledge
Faith: god, me

The challenge is that the Lord is not willing to be relegated to just another silver trinket in our lives.  He won’t wait around for His hour on Sunday; He will start stretching beyond the tight restrictions we want to place.  He will start penetrating these other spheres, seeking to become the Lord not of our Sunday but our every day.

Are you letting Him enter these other areas of your life?


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