Devotion: Developing Vision

As I awaited for the nurse to lead me back into the LASIK surgery room, I realized I needed to turn to scripture…having left my Bible at home I flipped open my dsayplanner to some old memory verse cards.

The one on top read in bold letter, “Develop a World Vision” and then contained Acts 1:8 (one of my favorite teaching verses):Bz7w0wUCYAEkJF_

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”

In that moment, Christ convicted me that if I am going to have this vain and cosmetic surgery, it better cause me to develop a vision for more than just myself.

For if my gaze remains on myself, I become a self-absorbed and stationary.  As a result, everything revolves around me.

But if I allow Christ to sharpen and develop my vision–which if it is anything like LASIK, is uncomfortable, costly, and requires a daily regiment but produces amazing results–for the world.  Suddenly I am removed from the center and placed into constant motion on His behalf.

The reason I love Acts 1:8 is because Jesus provides his strategy for his mission.  To often we think a world vision means we have to sell everything and move to Beruit or Ethiopia, but instead we see that God empowers us through His Holy Spirit so that we move from our closest sphere of Influence (Jerusalem=Family/Friends/Neighborhood), to a slightly broader area (Judea=SouthPark) to Samaria (All of CLT and even Gastonia) and ultimately to the ends of the earth (Ethiopia, Peru, Haiti, etc).

Developing a world vision means you start by focusing on those in your immediate care in order to teach them the Gospel of Christ.  And the result is a moving, active, vibrant faith that cascades out of our lives.


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