2014 Impact: 12 Stones

As I shared on Sunday…Joshua 4 challenges us to consider what rocks are we going to pick up as a reminder of how God has carried us through in 2014. Before rushing into 2015, consider what are the highs and lows of 2014. Whether some are heavy boulders that we need others to help shoulder the load, or small smooth stones that make us smile…we all have a stack of stones we can recall.

For me the stones I would stack up are:blogger-image-595064175

  1. Lunch, Coffee and Driveway Conversations: ones where people allowed me to walk into the mess of real life.
  2. The Trailblazer Gathering at GOP & Sarah’s home where Reed climbed into DREDD’s lap and stayed there all night.
  3. My final Civilian Sunday when I could be a worshipper at Church at Charlotte and God spoke through Jimmy Kallam directly at me regarding our new community (sorry for the 1000+ who had to listen to that personalized message).
  4. Our First Public Worship Service at Waypoint Community Church.
  5. Taking the boys to the Mtns to begin the task of “raising modern day knights” times 3.
  6. The CSAUP line up of 24 Hours of Booty, NOGOA and 6-Man BRR.
  7. Seeing true “shepherd leadership” at Westminster Presbyterian’s Mission presentation when Trevor put his arm around me, prayed for our community and invited folks to join our mission.
  8. The night I was convinced no one would show up to a gathering…and no one did.
  9. The soccer game where all three triplets scored a goal and my daughter scored her first in 4 years.
  10. The Sunday they made me “cry” as I heard the impact of Waypoint in the lives of people.
  11. Hiking Grandfather Mountain with Lindsay (and that’s not a Gov Samford euphemism).
  12. A circling concern of do I really have what it takes, and a deepened love for Christ’s story as I realized if I am going to lead the incredible people of Waypoint I have to be in top Biblical shape.

What stones are you stacking up as a reminder of God’s provision through the difficult and the good?

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