Institutional Echoing

When standing in line with the main pyramid Kukulcan stair’s, doesn’t matter if you are close or far but you have to be in line with the stairs, and clap, the echo you hear is of the rare quetzal bird, a bird the Mayan’s considered sacred. So sacred they engineered the stairs to chirp exactly like the quetzal when you clap. Absolutely amazing.

I love church architecture and so this strikes me as fascinating.

Are we manufacturing what we think sounds like the sacred in our edifices? Plus as I shared Sunday, it stunned me the first time I heard a congregation applaud the comedic routine masquerading as a sermon.

As I stood in the balacony of a 200 yearold church last night it got me thinking.

Have we built church edifices that mimic the presence of the sacred, when in reality its just a room full of people clapping? Our hollow buildings may echo back the beliefs and perspectives we want to be true rather than the truth of God’s Voice.

Are you in an echo-chamber? How is God challenging you to hear him through the noise?

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