Two Coaches

I had two main football coaches in my life:

One of my coaches spent time getting to know me; encouraged me to take up track so he could spend time in the weight room with me; stayed late at practice to work on my footwork; called me after I got my first concussion; when I failed, would point out mistakes and then encourage me to do better; he chewed me out when I missed a block; made me run; benched me for a game; rallied around me when I stopped a game winning TD.

Another coach never learned my name; once stopped the entire practice so that I could have my head handed to me by the All-American in practice; cursed at me for missing a block; never lowered his morning newspaper when I quit.

One of those coaches shaped my life.

Which way to do you view God?

Is he sitting upstairs with a whistle waiting for you to mess up so he can send you on another lap? Or is he down in the trenches pointing out to you areas of improvement, wanting the best for you, believing in you and encouraging you?

Cause, how you view God, is how you will live in response to Him.

As fathers, what type of Heavenly Father are embodying for our kids?  As employers, what type of Heavenly Boss are we embodying for our employees?  As friends, what type of Heavenly Friend are we embodying for our companions?

(Lots of questions, let the way you live your life be the answer.)

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