Devotion: The Tim Whatley Prayer

In honor of Tim Whatley…I’m gonna call this morning’s prayer after him.  While this technique has a much longer history in the church as the Jesus Prayer of the Orthodox Church, the scene in Seinfeld in which Jerry is trying to decipher if he was invited to Tim Whatley’s Thanksgiving Parade helps to demonstrate how emphasizing a word changes our focus:

JERRY: Which word did he emphasize? Did he say, “Why would Jerry bring anything?” or, “Why would Jerry bring anything?” You emphasize “Jerry” or “bring.”
ELAINE: I think he emphasized “would.”

This morning, I was praying through John 10:14-15 when God opened up a short phrase for me to pray through.

You Died For Me

  • First Pass: You died for me–focuses us on who Christ is.  His attributes.  His grandeur.  His sinlessness.
  • Second Pass:  You died for me–focuses on what he went through.  The pain.  The torture.
  • Third Pass: You died for me–focuses on the purpose.  The atonement.  The love.
  • Fourth Pass: You died for me–focuses on me.  My sin, but His abundant grace.

Invite you to join me and Tim Whatley today to spend a few moments praying and emphasizing the different parts of Christ’s love for you.

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