Devotion: Organs of Faith

Blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.

Our faith is developed not through our hands or our head or our lips, but through our eyes and our ears. The way in which we receive our faith is through these two organs. What is interesting is that these are “receptive” organs of the body.

In other words, they do not produce light or sound but receive them.

This is why Jesus prioritizes Seeing and Hearing. Faith is enhanced when we see God at work, and hear His story of gracious love.

If our faith was found in our hands, then it would be based upon what we could build and accomplish for Him. If our faith was found in our heads, then it would be based upon our knowledge. And if our faith was found in our lips, then it would be based upon our ability to articulate doctrine elegantly.

Time and time again though, Jesus shows that this is not the way towards faith. Faith is found in the seeing and hearing of Jesus.

This is why at Waypoint we close each service with a simple question: “Where have you seen God at work in your life?” We want people to begin to see–not only to see–but also to expect that God is going to show up.

One day in ministry, I went up to my Senior Pastor and exclaimed what a coincidence it was that the scripture I had memorized to share during communion was the same as his primary teaching text. His quick and apt reply was “Wes, we are not in the business of coincidences.”

We all experience the same sort of events, the question is do we have the eyes of faith to see Jesus. Jesus’s question is do you see Him at work and hear his voice calling to you?

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