Devotion: The Lord Is…

This morning I was reflecting on David’s descriptions of the Lord in Psalm 145

  • (v8) The Lord is gracious and compassionate
  • (v13) The Lord is faithful to all of his promises
  • (v17) The Lord is righteous in all his ways…

God is gracious, faithful and righteous.

Gracious: He lavishes us with unmerited and compassionate grace. He gives us good things. While we tend to focus on the things we lack and what we need to accomplish today, what are the good things that God has given to you? What has been done for you?

Faithful: He will accomplish what He has promised. God is trustworthy. He will do what he says he will do. While we experience persistent letdowns and disappointments in life, they tend leave us shattered and nervous and alone. God, however, is dependable and upholds all those who fall and lifts up those who are bowed down. Where does the steady hand of God need to rescue you? What are you trying to manage today on your own that you should depend upon Him to handle?

Righteous: Ultimately, God is right and we are not. While we may think we know what is best for ourselves and our lives, it is God alone who is in charge. This means that rather than changing our circumstances, we need to change our perspectives in order to understand what God is wanting to accomplish in and through us.

Finally, there is this beautiful line that “The Lord is near to all who call on him.” The Graciousness, Faithfulness and Righteousness of God is how we see the nearness of God.

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