2020::A Year in Review

While culturally 2020 stretched many us to our breaking points, I would say that for the Barrys it turned into a pretty good year.

Pandemic 20miler: Never leave your neighborhood

Run: 1532.81 miles
Biked: 224.21 miles
Rucked: 193.6 miles

TOTAL: 1950.62*

Yon Bon 5k (pacing Thomas): 21:15
Uwharrie 40miler (completing the 40@40 challenge): 8:48:45
Table Rock 30k (Top 10): 3:33:21

Family RV trip to Outerbanks
50 mile hike on Appalachian Trail


*Missed a 2k year because of broken toes that left me on the IR for the final three weeks of 2020.

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