Devotion: Easter Monday

Today is the day that their job titles changed.

Ever wonder what is the difference between a disciple and an apostle?

In technical terms the church declared that an apostle was a disciple who saw the resurrected Jesus. A much simpler explanation, which implicates all of us, can be found in the root of the two words

  • Disciple means “one who follows one’s teaching.” A student. A follower.
  • Apostle means “one sent forth with orders.” A sent-one. You are probably more familiar with its Latin root: missio. A missionary.

In fact it is the same root from which we get the word “missile.”

Over spring break, I went to the Air and Space Museum for the Smithsonian where I learned the difference between a bomb, a rocket and a missile.

A bomb is an explosive device that lacks any propulsion or guidance. It explodes when placed under stress.

A rocket is an explosive device that has propulsion but not guidance. There is forward movement but once it is going it cannot be redirected. So if misdirected, it can miss its target.

A missile is an explosive device that has propulsion and guidance. It has purpose, movement and intention.

Too many men live either as a bombs that are just waiting to go off when put under pressure, or as rockets that may often be wrong but they are rarely in doubt.

The day after Easter, however, the disciples became missiles. They had an explosive message that could change the hardest hearts and minds. They had forward momentum because they were sent with that message. But they also had guidance of the Holy Spirit that would set and redirect their course.

Easter Monday is the day that Jesus invites us to live as men on a mission.

Starting today, where is Jesus sending you to make an impact for His Kingdom?

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