Devotion: Dry Spells

The Book of Genesis ends with one of the best literary stories, the story of Joseph.  From a young child who receives hisfather’s coat, to an Egyptian jail cell, and ultimately aspiring to become the right-hand man of the Pharaoh, we read about a manwhose life is dramatically transformed by the hand of God.  His final interaction with his 11 brothers, he forgives them and boldly states, “Even though you intended to do harm to me, God intended it for good” (Genesis 50:20).  This phrase reveals the deep faith that has grown out of Joseph’s life.

Joseph rose to power during the famine of Egypt.  During a dry and barren season, Joseph grew up from a young man to a mature leader of a nation.  It was because he went through the dry seasons of life, that his life blossomed.
That is the good news of this story:  God comes to us during the famines and dry spells of life to extend a hand of grace and lift us up.
What are dry spells are we facing?  How can we see God’s hand in the midst of them?  How might he be intending this for good? 



 In Christ,

Rev. Wes Barry

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