Thou Shalt Nots…

2011 Goals Completed:
Give up one thing per month (cannot recall them all)
  • January:Texting while driving
  • February:Internet
  • March:Soda
  • April:Alcohol
  • May:Processed Food
  • June:Television
  • July: Work Email after hours
  • August:
  • September:No Screens Past 8
  • October:Credit Cards
  • November:Coffee
  • December:Shopping at chain stores
Ran 575.5 miles
(like going from Charlotte to Tampa Florida)
Biked 1779.18 miles
(from Charlotte to Phoenix–by air)
Swam 61.53 miles
(nearly from West Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island)
Total of 2416 miles (Charlotte to LA)

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