Devotion: Words to Live By

“Do not let the book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it.”  Joshua 1:8

Did you know that the phrase “A sign of the times” and “See eye to eye” are both phrases that come directly to us from the King James Bible?   As a globalized and pluralist culture, we are so inundated with seemingly new concepts, ideas and phrases that we often forget the fundamental role some things have played in our lives.  There is nothing new under the sun (that too is a biblical phrase), yet we often imagine that we have discovered something new when in reality we are rediscovering the way God has crafted humanity since the beginning.

This too is nothing new.  The Israelite community was constantly rediscovering the Torah (the Jewish scriptures).  During Joshua’s time period he reminded everyone that the promises they were experiencing in the Holy Land were the same ones made to Moses;  Ezra read the entire Hebrew Bible to the people, because they realized that had long forgotten the basic stories of their faith.  Jesus boldly announced that he came not to change these stories, but to fulfill them.

The Bible is God’s true story for our lives, and as we engage it we discover that these stories are life affirming for us.  Information is to be memorized, but stories are to be experienced.  And from day one, God has being telling a story about His deep love for us.  How might you experience that story today?  If you have experienced God’s love in some fashion this week, who might be someone hungry to hear that story of hope?


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