Devotion: Transforming

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”  (Genesis 50:20)

Yesterday after her time at the gym, my wife shared this story with me.  She was working out in the cardio-room, with only one other man in the space.  Part way through the work she heard him loudly mumble under his breath, “Jesus.”  Strange she thought, and tried to redirect her attention away from this now awkward man.  A few minutes later, she heard him once again loudly mutter “Jesus” to himself.  Then she realized he was using this as a motivational phrase to push himself harder.  In her heart, though, she felt the nudge to take this man’s curse and turn it into a time of prayer for herself.

When she shared this with me, I loved that idea.  As we encounter things in this world, things that are not good, how might we transform them into prayers; for God’s use?
That is the great story of Joseph in the close of Genesis.  His brothers sold him into slavery, but by doing this evil act, they began the story of Joseph’s journey to Egypt in order that he may one day save his brothers lives (if you never read Joseph’s story in Genesis it is one the all-time best literary–and true!–stories, check it out: Genesis 37-50).  In the same way, it is because of Judas’ kiss that Jesus is arrested, but that begins the story of Jesus’ crucifixion that changes all of human history and our lives.
How might you take an awkward and negative encounter this week and transform it for God’s purposes?  What dark spots of your soul are in need of being transformation by God?  

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