Equipping Church: DIY Worship

Due to Hurricane Florence, Queens has closed their campus and we will not be able to gather for public worship. However, as an Equipping Church our mission remains the same…therefore

DIY Worship

Scripture: Read Ephesians 2:1-10 aloud


  • v1-3: What manner do people who are dead in sin walk?
  • v4-5: How is this like Romans 5:8?
  • v8-9: This is the core of the Gospel


  1. If you had to explain grace to a child what would you say?
  2. How is grace a gift?
  3. What do you boast in?
  4. Why are you tempted to boast in your accomplishments?
  5. What would it mean to boast in the Lord?

Pray: O my forgetful soul, awake from thy wandering dream; turn from chasing the wind, look inward, forward, upward, see myself, reflect on myself…who am I? why am I here? what do I want? (Silently confess areas of brokenness, things I did that I shouldn’t and things I shoulda but didn’t)—But I am a creature of God, formed and furnished by him.

Therefore, O God, I often neglect you, forgetting your goodness, diminishing your greatness. Open my eyes to see you; open my ears to hear you; open my heart to feel you. (Pause to reflect on something good God has done this week). My lips praise you. Bring to me a happy mind that rests in you because though I forget you, you will never forget me.

So you know the needs on my heart—(Share with God areas you need his strength. Pray for the folks in the path of Florence. Pray for your friends, for your family, for your church, for yourself). And you promise Lord, that I do not need to be anxious about anything, but to lift these prayers to you with thanksgiving because you will reshape my heart and send me a peace that passes all understanding.

Renew me this day, and use me this day.


Other resources

  1. Use the Ephesians Study Guide for a time of personal devotion or family conversation
  2. Possible Gatherings
    1. Worship: Westminster Presbyterian 11:00am service (Check to confirm)
    2. F3 Men’s Bible-Study: 8am Brueggers Bagel in Cotswold (check twitter to confirm)
    3. Waypoint’s SunAM Bible Study—10am at Sandy & Betsy Weathersbee’s condo (email for info)
  3. Digital Worship (If you have power/internet)
    1. Check out Waypoint’s Recommended Resources at RightNow Media
    2. Tim Keller talk to Google regarding The Meaning of Marriage


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